Everything essential for Healthy feet,
Refuss, a company Specializing in Foot care

The only system in Korea that succeeded in branding Fusspflege for problematic foot care.

By checking the basic foot condition through regular foot care, take a good care of your feet and resolve any discomfort with Refuss Care System only.

Restart, Revival, Reverse, Renewal, Recover



Refuss, a compound word of Fusspflege(Problematic Feet Care Technique) and prefix RE.


Fusspflege, developed in Germany, is a generalized foot care technique that uses specialized foot tools and machines to deal with and prevent problems that may occur in the skin, toenails, and overall structure of the feet.

Fuss means foot in English, and pflege does care, which translates to <foot care> together, and is an intermediate concept <Problem-improving foot care> between <General foot care> and <Medical foot care>.
In Germany, fusspfleger is such a common job that there is at least one person even in a small rural village, and Germany in particular has developed and spread this field further, establishing itself as a leader in the fusspflege-related industry today.

In Korea, as the importance of the foot is increasingly emphasized, it is necessary to train Fusspfleger through professional education and practice, and Refuss is taking the lead in educating.

Refuss strives to provide more systematic and professional programs to each of everyone, from children to the elderly, who need professional foot health care.

Fussfplege system of Refuss not only makes everyone beautiful and clean feet, but is essential for healthy feet.

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